Vol 1

by Trolley Pole

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released September 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Trolley Pole Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Lose your mind
Lose your mind Its a waste of time You shouldn't care if its Never coming back Lose your mind Coz I've
lost mine And I don't care If its ever coming back Never coming back Never Never let it control you
Sever Sever everything forced on you Lose your mind Tear apart all the likes All the shit their disguise
Not the truth its all lies Lose your mind
Track Name: Smash through
Don't put yourself in my shoes coz I know that you won't last You don't have my demons and you don't have
my past If you knew whats in my head you'd think that I'm insane My whole life and all my strength to
smash, smash through the pain Smash through Smash through the pain
Track Name: Short fuse
This is written by the hands that feed you The up and coming need a nosel before they bite We are hungry
for what you offer Just don't run your mouth Still an infant but you try to run this Earn respect before
you claim your crown We can hear your voices from up here Just don't run your mouth All we have is dead
and gone From this so called pure hardcore When you burnt our unity Just don't run your mouth You come
around here and run your mouth Where did you earn your respect You come around here and run your mouth
We are here to teach you some respect All the sheep wanna be like you Lead the scene to the slaughter
house You preach your purist shit Just watch your mouth I've got a short fuse for people like you I've
got a short fuse, fuck you I've got a short fuse for people like you Been this way since I was 12 years
old schoolyard bullshit swinging Coles trolley poles Brisbane to Adelaide hardcore we stand tall run
your mouth by my fists you will fall
Track Name: Right way to hate
Tried PMA and it didn't do shit Now I'm sick of the world I can't deal with it So close to the edge and
I'm ready to quit Gotta flip it on its head and punch it, punch it in the face
Track Name: Reckoning
Got to deal with you everyday I don't need your shit I wanna do things my own way I don't need your shit
You're killing me like deadly disease I don't need your shit Now I'm pissed like you wouldn't believe I
am sick of all of it Everything you say Everything you do Every single thought Coming back at you Every
pain you've caused Every tear you've drawn You think it's the end I will seek out my revenge Reckoning
I will seek out my revenge Now you face my reckoning
Track Name: Weapon of choice
This is my weapon of choice Trolley pole in your face
Track Name: Unite and fight
Where have we gone What have we done UNITE YOU FIGHT UNITE this is all we got